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  1. I have been accepted to Leadership Anchorage put on by the Alaska Humanities Form. The programs begins with an over night retreat on September 23rd and 224th. I am both excited and apprehensive about participating in the program because I’m going to have to go out of my personal comfort zones and be pesonally more public and courageous.

    Presently, I’m engaged with three other women in a community service project for the Anchorage Municipal Library system. We have engaged a photographer to photograph people with their library cards and intervieing them about why and how they use the library services. We are workign with Clare Stockert, a library administrator. She is going to schedule a showing of the photographs in the Loussac library’s art gallery on a Art Friday day in this coming June.

    Apparently, all the local libraries are only being funded at the same rate that they were funded in 1989. They have had to reduce thier staff from 99 to 68 people. The libraries give out a million more books in 2011 than they gave out in 1989. All of the libraries have computers for public use and the buildings are all WiFi-ed for public use as well. The librarys loan out records, tapes, VHS, CDs, DVDs, and art to the public as well as books and audio books.

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