A Word to the Viewers of this Website


American Airways Letter, Cup Cake & Banana Nut Muffin people “SPAM”

If you are selling a product or service, don’t bother! You’re”Spam”!

I refuse to buy any product or service. Over 7,000 have been “SPAM”.

If you want a website, go to Blue Host.com.

It will cost you about $30 for one year.

Then, you automatically get the WordPress program.

Go to Microsoft for Dummies.com & sign up with them. It is free.

Research “WordPress for Dummies”, it will give you step by step information to set up your website. It takes time and conscentration to do it yourself.

I do not repond to or answer requests about my website or setting up your website. Use the information above.

I will not communicate other than here.

I will not give out any other information on how to set up your website.

You do not have permission to use any of my work.

I refuse to buy any service or product attached to a “comment” to this website or any of its pages.


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