About thecrone9

Adult woman, single, 4 adult children and multiple grandchildren. who has a background as working artist and jeweler, worked in the social work field for over 20 years, received a Bachelor of Applied Science in Business with honors in Fall of 2010. Presently, working as a volunteer for a co-opertive, members benefit program - Alaska Workers Association which assists the homeless or low income persons and families with emergency food, quality used clothing, school supplies for children and winter coats and gear, legal assistance and non-emergency medical care for people with no health insurance. She was involved in community service projects for the Anchorage Municipal Libraries and the GLBT community, and still am looking for a part-time job. Ms. Soule has been writing since she was in the 4th grade. This site includes poetry and writings from when she was in high school to the present day.. She writes a poem a day on her Facebook page, and will have written a poem a day for two years on December 31, 2013.

Saynahkey – Maat, the Mother Goddess of Creation

Maat was Eqypt’s Mother Goddess of creation. Her repesentation was a golden cobra. The reason the Eqyptian pharoahs wore the┬ádouble cobra crown was to symbolize Maat, their creator, and the Nile river, the source of their life, providing water and food.

From the deep places in the imagination or the logical mind, through poetry, short stories, possible performance pieces to just “sounding off” on the thinking behind or about a topic or subject….