Cafe’ Stars – Poem

For the past three years, most Saturdays from 7AM to 3PM, I am at the Side Street Espresso on G. St. between 4th and 5th Avenues writing. Sometimes, I just write about people, things, atmospheres or circumstances occuring inside the coffee cafe’ at that moment.


Looking at the stars

Swinging from the ceiling

Heights, dimly glowing,

Illuminating little –

Static and calm,

Witness to light

Soft conversations.


Other stars hanging

From the walls glisten

With metallic sparks-

Triple star bursts in gold

Shimmering on

Random light fixtures.


A white Buddha sits

Calmly on one side,

Candles flickering,


The serene diety.


People come and go,

Getting drinks,

Sitting at tables,

Having polite narratives

In a public place.

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