Cereddwien – Poem

When I lived in Palmer, Alaska, it was my habit to take a walk after dinner whenever the weather was mild enough to not get frostbitten. Often that time of day┬áis called “evensong”. I believe the word actually refers to going to a church for early evening prayers, but my church, my temple was the outdoors and sometimes it felt like an ancient and magical ritual.



Let loose her breath

Singing a song

Of the Muses.



By the singing,


Spun gossamer threads

Into the barest essence –

A veil for the Goddess.



The kiss of the wind

At its most loving moment

When warmth surrounds

All being,

Carried the veil

To dreaming Woman.

It caressed her body,


Laying lovingly

Over every enticing curve,

And luscious mound


her eternal mystery,

Endlessly fluctuating

And fascinating.



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