Communion – Poem

How dare you

hold up the host,

offering me bread,

as his body,

in exchange

for the truth

of my mother’s body

alienating me

from the union

of her breast.

The lie of Jesus

making men our salvation

when the nature

of the beast is

death and destruction

to make

Jesus our savior.

You even murdered him.

Wine me

blind me

numb me

and keep a planet

of women ignorant

of the sacradness

of their birth

not a virgin birth.

Its damn to you

with a wafer of betrayal

two thousand years old,

you offer up to women

as the eternal sacrrificial lamb.

Women’s secreations

of vulva, ovulation and menses

are sacrad.

It’s my woman’s body that is holy

not some

by the clan,

murdered man,

a ghost,

with nothing left

of life sustaining substance

just death white bread

and adulterated water

you call communion.

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