Peonies – Haiku & Tonka – Poems

Peonies come up every year by the back gate on a green strip between the building that I live in and the building across that yard. I get to watch the peonies branch out, bud, bloom and die off. The flowers are huge, lacy and lovely in shades of white, pink and red. Haiku consist of three lines consisting of 5-7-5 syllables, Tonkas are five lines of 5-7-5-7-7 syllables. They are called Japanese form poems and traditionally include some aspect of nature.


No peonies are

On the walk path this

Year by the Lupine.


Long for peonies

To unfurl thier ruffled blossoms

And dance in the air….


Waiting for flowers,

Peonies unfurling in

The warmer sunshine,

Undressing like modest virgins

Promising more than they give….


Peonies are now

Beginning to bloom in the

Yard. It’s summertime!


Peonies, lacy

Ladies of the garden, bud

At the end of stalks.


Peonies suffer

From acrophobia. Stake

Them in your garden!


The irresolute

Peonies inundate the

Gardens and bowers.


Consult pimped-out

Pink and red peonies on

Bushes in the yard.


Peonies, baroque

Flowers, belie blossoms of

Uncommon beauty.


Amorphous flowers,

Aficinados of

Peony allegory,

Alleviate the beauty

Of ambience in bloom.


Fire opals light the

Floral dressing in the garden

Of bright peonies.


Peonies rival

A cacophany iof colors

In sunlit stations.


Peonies dance in

The breeze, unfurling in brash

Bombasts of color.


Peonies, chanteuse

of summer’s crescendo

In spatial sunshine….


Peonies are the

Apposite blossoms – the bold

Archetypes of grace.


Winning accolades,

Peonies in every form

Gracing the garden.


Peonies are like

Antebellum ambience

In southern gardens.


Accentuate the

Beauty of peonies in the

Acme of the sun.


Peonies are the

Baccalaureate of any

Prolific display.


Peonies rival

A lotus’s comtemplation;

A rose’s caress.


Peonies are an

Antagonist anecdote

Of garden’s distress.


Peonies are an

Addendum to a garden’s

Overall showings.


I love watching the

Peonies bloom each year in

The yard by the gate.








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