Musical Gambits – Poem

This poem is an off shoot of the Haiku. The first line of a Haiku consists of 5 syllables. These lines are supposed to all have five syllables. It was an experiment and challenge.


Music runs gambits

Of scales, up and down,

Transmitting certain

Energies to the

Recipient, who

Experiences the

Vibrations. These can

Run multiple strands

Of emotions through

The entire being,

Evoking tears of

Joy and sadness, or

Acute longing for

Something undefined

In one’s consciousness.


Music takes me to

Places I do not


Go. For some reason,

I get lost in the

Sounding quivers of

Selected notes that

Chime inside my soul,

At the center of

My being in

Clear harmony with

My core essences.


Music sounds the deep

Cords of symphony

That resonate in

Musical gambits.

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