They Say – Poem



Lovers say,

“I love you —even beyond God!”

No one really knows Him.


People met, marry, concieve,

and say they love,

But, do not….


Is there no love?



We are mirrors

Existant in the wasteland

Of stagnant dreams

And misplaced hopes,

Settling for some kiind

Of attention,

Wondering how come

No one has ever really known us

Or loved us.


Love is a myth,

Like a carrot forever dangled

In front the nose,

To keep one in a game

That is a sham

And a lie.


There are those

Who have fallen in love with me.

It was always great,

Until they really get to know me.


I’m not so attractive anymore,

Or worthy

Or lovable.

Always a disappointment

To them and to me…


They say, they just want

To be friends!


I say,

“Go, f**k yourself!


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